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Master Grade Folding Carts, Collapsible 2-shelf Grey, 550 lb capacity, swivel caster size 5"X1.5" with 2 brakes. BC-3010H

SKU: BC-3010HMaster Grade9Available Order Processed Within 24 Hours

Product Description

Folding Carts, 2-shelf grey, 450 lb capacity, swivel caster size 5"X1.5" with 2 brakes

  1. Easy to open and fold
  2. Space saver, up to 80%
  3. Heavy-Duty, Strong and durable
  4. Safety device in place to avoid fingers injury
  5. Alligatoring lacquer finished corrosion resistant
  6. Includes two locking and two non-locking caster roller wheels
  7. 5‚¬ Heavy Duty Hard Rubber Threaded Stem Casters
  8. with ball bearing construction, Stem Width, 300 LB Load Rating per wheel.
  9. Size: Open: L34 X H35 X W17.5Fold L34 X H45 X W
  10. Weight: gross 50 LB, net 45 LB
  11. Patent Pending
  12. The solid shelf can hold stuff secure, more resistant with a box so it will not easily be moving around.
  13. Caster Lock easily tapped by foot
  14. Cart life: 3 5 years