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Kutus-Kutus Healing Spa Massage Organic Herbal Oil

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Product Description

Kutus Kutus Oil is an herbal oil made from a mixture of various medicinal plants that are specially processed in the traditional way. Thus producing Herbal oil that helps the healing process and is safe and comfortable for daily use. How to use it is quite simple just by applying special oil Kutus Kutus Oil in certain limbs in which you feel the pain. Kutus Oil is believed to be able to activate the body's energy which is often called "Chi" so that it automatically maintains balance and health. Chi Energy is the essence of life energy, which flows in the paths of the meridians in our bodies. The energy that makes humans alive and all organs function properly. If there is interference with Chi, there will be interference with the organs of the body.

What is Kutus Kutus
Kutus Kutus Oil is made with herbal plants which are extracted with coconut oil and then blended with essential oils to make a harmonious blend between herbal & aromatherapy which are usually two ways of treatment is done in different ways. The herbal element is used to treat and the aromatherapy element is used to calm the body, so the healing process will take place and feeling peaceful. Plus, this special oil is easy to permeate into all the circulation of the body through the pores of the skin because the size of this oil is very small so that its absorption is very fast.

Kutus Kutus oil made from 100% natural ingredients. There are no chemicals in the composition of this oil. It also does not use oil from animals. The foundation of the formula used starts from the elements of roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruit, virgin coconut oil, and essential oils which are an element of integration. Made from various types of herbal plants that have been proven to be able to help cure various diseases. This herbal medicine has various properties to help cure various diseases.

Benefits of Kutus Kutus OIL
Kutus Kutus oil helps you gain health by awakening the natural healing energy from traditional herbal ingredients to cope with colds, flatulence, and itching due to insect bites and as a massage oil to help relieve achy rheumatic pain, gout and pain in joints and so forth.

How to use Kutus Kutus Oil
It is easy to use, just applying it to the soles and between toes, the backbone from the top to the tailbone, and to the problematic body parts, at the recommended dosage indicated on the label. Because it is made from natural ingredients, this oil is considered safe and comfortable for daily use. Its natural nature makes this oil have multiple properties, namely to cure diseases and can calm the soul so that the healing process will have a pleasant and positive effect.

Kutus Kutus Oil works to activate energy in the body called "Chi". Chi is the main energy that flows through our body's meridian pathways. Chi will improve the function of all organs of the body. If there is interference with Chi then the body's organ function will be disrupted as well. Kutus Kutus oil will treat includes Gout, Joint Pain, Rheumatism, Sciatica, Tingling, Sprains, Lumbago, Muscle Cramps, Muscle Aches, Swollen Muscles, Muscle Spasms, Neck Pain, Arthritis, Nerves, Bruises, Neck Strains, Nerve Pain, and so forth.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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