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I.O. Shen Knife Magnet Block 6-Lines. MT-215S

SKU: MT-215SMaster GradeOut of Stock

Product Description

The double-sided magnetic knife block is a triumph for knife storage. 3 lines of 900 gauss magnets hold even the longest and heaviest of knives in place.

Easily to wipe clean so is completely hygienic (as opposed to slot blocks, which you can never clean!). The Magnetic Knife Block made from a high-quality propriety blend synthetic blend. The angled profile of the block makes it easy to store a range of blade sizes alongside each other and, as its double-sided, there is plenty of room to extend your collection as time goes by.

  • O.Shen 6 strips Magnetic Knife Block for your kitchen‚¬s counter
  • High-end quality knife block to show off your knives collection up to 8 knives
  • L 11" X W 4.5" X H 11"
  • Color: Black
  • Made in Taiwan