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Folding Master Busing Cart, 3-shelf Grey 550 lb Cap w/5" swivel caster Collapsible 34" X 17.5" X 35". BH-2000H & BH-3000H

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Product Description

Folding Master

Other brands


Thick steel 1mm thickness

Only around half-thickness0.4 0.5mm

Folding method

From side

From the middle

Caster quality

ball bearing heavy duty, larger size 5 X 1.5 width, sturdy, moving around smoothly and more durable wheel, 5 times longer life.

3 or 4 X 1 width cheap industrial wheel, squeaking when pushing around

Space Safer

80% space safer

40% - 50% space safer

Carts size

Larger size

Moving Mode

Stable, freely moving around at high pile carpet even on gravel

Only on a flat hard surface

Caster Lock Mode

Easily tapped by foot

Need to bow down to lock by hand

When holding heavy stuff on the top part of the cart

will still be stable moving around with heavy stuff on top of the cart

Will falling to the side easily when pushing forward.

Folding Serving Cart
W/ Wheel 5"
Strong, Durable, Easy to open and fold
Space Saver
Material: Steel
Capacity: 500 Lb
LXWXH = 34"X17.5"X35"
Made in Taiwan