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Diamond Sharpening Wheel for Master Grade Commercial Knife Sharpener 5000, 4500 and 1001Series

SKU: FS - 500DMaster Grade50Available Order Processed Within 24 Hours

Product Description

It comes in a pair of Diamond Wheel (made of real diamond dust, not corundum)
Master Grade Soft-Touch Sharpening Wheels
For Steel, Stainless Steel and Ceramic sharpening
Approximately last up to Over 1 million passes !!!
The only one that can sharpen ceramic knife
For super smooth steel knife edge!
This sharpening wheels life is depending on:
- How many knives you will sharpen in a week
- Condition of your knives
- Level of sharpening skills
Size L X W X H : 5.5" x 3.0" x 2.8"
Made in Taiwan